September 30, 2016

With Madrid Monitor, you can now tailor a mark’s detailed activity report to display the information most relevant to you—filter activities by country or action, and save or share your reports with ease.

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Customized mark activity records

In addition to key information on a mark’s current status, each Madrid Monitor mark record includes a detailed activity report, giving you instant access to a list of actions and countries (or IP Offices) relevant to the mark.

Madrid Monitor’s simple interface makes it easy to pinpoint where a mark has been granted or refused protection, as well as the countries/Offices that have been designated under the mark’s international registration. When viewing a mark’s transaction history, use the one-click filtering options to highlight where a decision (such as a registration, grant of protection or cancellation) concerning the mark has been issued. If you’ve altered the geographic scope of your mark’s protection, Madrid Monitor allows you to quickly and easily identify those countries in which your mark is no longer protected.

For a broader overview of a mark’s up-to-date status, each Madrid Monitor mark record also includes a Real-Time Status tab (incorporating all the information formerly available in the Madrid Real-Time Status tool), where you can display key actions and decisions in chronological order, as well as identify relevant dates, IP Offices, Gazette numbers, and WIPO reference numbers.

Why Madrid Monitor?

Madrid Monitor makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with the most recent developments on your international trademark registration and all trademarks registered through the Madrid System.

The latest in a line of customer-focused Madrid System e-tools, Madrid Monitor combines the functions and capabilities of ROMARIN, Madrid e-Alert, Madrid Real-Time Status and the WIPO Gazette of International Marks in one simple and easy-to-use tool.

Launch Madrid Monitor Beta

Tell us what you think  

We invite you to test Madrid Monitor Beta, which is currently available alongside ROMARIN, Madrid e-Alert, Madrid Real-Time Status, and the WIPO Gazette of International Marks. Your feedback will help us tailor Madrid Monitor to your needs, before it is deployed as the single monitoring tool for all Madrid System-related inquiries.

The deployment of Madrid Monitor is the first in a broader Madrid Registry initiative focused on the delivery of an enhanced, customer-driven online experience for our users throughout the lifecycle of their mark. Over the coming months, the Madrid Registry will introduce new and improved e-Services that will enable you to find information and manage your portfolio faster and more effectively.

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