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WIPO Digital Access Service for Priority Documents

It is recalled that, by using the WIPO Digital Access Service for Priority Documents (DAS), a PCT applicant can request the International Bureau (IB) to retrieve a copy of an earlier application from DAS for use as a priority document, instead of providing or arranging for the provision of a certified copy. 

Eurasian Patent Office

The Eurasian Patent Office has notified the IB that, with effect from 1 November 2017, it commenced operation as both a depositing and an accessing Office of DAS.  As a depositing Office, it will deposit certified copies of patent applications as priority documents, including PCT applications filed at the Office on or after 1 November 2017, provided that the applicant has specifically requested that those documents be made available to the service.  As an accessing Office, it will recognize priority documents available to it through DAS for the purposes of any application for which the time limit for furnishing the priority document has not expired by 1 November 2017.

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