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We will re-open the
call for PCT applications selecting the EPO as ISA in German / French in
January 2019 and in English in July 2019

The PCT Collaborative Search and
Examination (IP5) pilot programme was launched on 1 July 2018 to explore the
benefits of collaboration between examiners in different IP authorities when
handling PCT applications. Detailed information was published in the Official
Journal (
EPO 2018, A47

The EPO is very pleased by the
strong interest shown by applicants during the first phase of the programme. As
the main International Search Authority (ISA), we have now accepted over 40
international applications in the pilot to date, thereby successfully reaching our
quota. These international applications in English cover all fields of
technology and have been filed with the receiving offices of the EPO, the USPTO
and the International Bureau of WIPO.

During the first year of the pilot,
each participating IP5 Office is able to process a total of around 50
international applications as the main ISA (July 2018 – June 2019), and a
similar number during the second year (July 2019 – June 2020). As a result,
each IP5 Office will be processing around 200 international applications per
year as peer ISA, and 400 applications in total over the two years.

At this point, the EPO will not be accepting
additional international applications in English for the pilot. However, we
will still welcome another batch of around 10 international applications in
German and French starting in January 2019.

For those interested in the operational
pilot programme’s second year, please file as early as possible, starting 1
July 2019. This applies to future PCT applications in English who wish to use
the EPO as the main ISA.

We wish to sincerely thank our
international applicants for the overwhelmingly positive response thus far and
look forward to future PCT applications during the second phase of the pilot
programme next year. 

Further information

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