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Dr L Cullen
Decision date
26 March 2019
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Quando Services Inc.
Provisions discussed
Section 1(1)(b)
Divisional application, Inventive step
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The application relates to a system for accessing a website formed from portions of website data, wherein the entire website is retrievable from a subset of the portions of website data, such that the website data comprises redundant portions. When the website is accessed by a client, a web server provides the client with information regarding the locations at which a subset of the portions of website data, from which it is possible to retrieve the whole website, are stored. After a number of requests, or an interval of time, the information provided by the web server to the client changes to specify a different subset of portions of website data. This improves security and reliability of the website because the website can still be retrieved if some of the portions are damaged or unavailable. Furthermore, the client is not provided with the location data of all of the portions and so is not provided with all the information needed to successfully mount a malicious attack on the website.

The hearing officer (HO) considered the invention in light of the disclosure in US 2010/0094950 (US950) and the disclosure in WO 2006/033850 (WO850) and, applying the Windsurfing/Pozzoli four step test to each, concluded that the application, as claimed, lacks an inventive step according to section 1(1)(b) of the Act over US950, but does not lack an inventive step over WO850.

The invention differed from US950 in that information identifying the storage locations of the subset of portions of website data is sent to a client, rather than the client being caused to obtain the portions from a subset of the locations. The HO considered that the skilled person would realise that the central server step of determining which servers to obtain the portions from would be implemented by providing information specifying the storage servers from which the portions can be retrieved.

The application was refused under section 18(3) of the Act.

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