The Foundation for Research on Law and Business (FIDE, acronym in Spanish) is organizing the “II International Congress on Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property”, under the coordination of Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, Professor Aurelio López-Tarruella and Professor Manuel Desantes Real. 

The theme of this year’s international congress is “In Search of a Legal Framework to Foster Innovation in Europe”. It will take place on 12 and 13 March at FIDE in Madrid, Spain. 

The two-day event will gather representatives of IP organizations, academia, law practice and industry to discuss the challenges amounted by artificial intelligence for the copyright, patent and trade secret systems. 

Some of the confirmed speakers are Rt. Hon Lord Justice Floyd (Court of Appeal of England and Wales), Hon. Dr. Klaus Grabinski (Federal Court of Justice of Germany), Dr. Klaus Bacher (Federal Court of Justice of Germany), Ángel Galgo Peco (Audiencia Provincial de Madrid), Marina Tavassi (Court of Appeal of Milan), Samuel Granata (Court of Appeal of Antwerp), Dr. Ulrike Till (Division of Artificial Intelligence Policy, WIPO), Dr. Joo Sup Kim (Korean Patent Office), Dr. Nikolaus Thumm (European Commission’s Joint Research Center), Adriana Moscoso (Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports), Gabriella Muscolo (Italian Competition Authority), Dr. Clara Neppel (IEEE), Georg Kreuz (Huawei Technologies), Thomas Burchardi (Ericsson), Dr. Andrés Guadamuz (University of Sussex), Prof. Matthias Leistner (LMU Munich) and Prof. Peter Picht (University of Zurich). 

The event will be held in English and a repository of documents, studies and academic papers will be available for further review by the participants. 

Those interested in attending should contact Ms. Carmen Hermida ([email protected]), indicating full name, brief bio, and invoice details. 

There is a special discount of 25% for IPKat readers. To claim the discount when registering, please indicate you were referred by the IPKat blog. 

The full program of the congress, registration and further details can be found here

There are limited seats, so register soon! 

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