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Hearing Officer
Mr P Thorpe

Decision date
15 December 2020

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Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Provisions discussed
Patents Act 1977(1)(2)

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The invention relates to dispatching different types of law enforcement patrols in order to achieve a desired deterrent effect on patrol routes. The invention receives information from a law enforcement patrol relating to the nature of the patrol, for example whether it is on foot or by vehicle, and the route that is being taken by that patrol. The invention determines an achieved deterrence effect of that patrol. Historical and/or real-time crime information is used by the invention to then determine a difference between a desired threshold level of deterrence and the achieved level of deterrence for a particular patrol route. The invention will then identify an available type of law enforcement patrol that will compensate for the difference and then cause an available law enforcement patrol to be dispatched to the particular patrol route.

The Hearing Officer found the invention to be excluded as a computer program, the presentation of information and as a method of doing business and therefore refused the application.
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