PRACTICALITY  /ˌpraktɪˈkalɪtinoun
1. the quality or state of being practical
2. the aspects of a situation that involve the actual doing or experience of something rather than theories or ideas.

IP is, above all else, a practical matter. Like any idea, if IP is impractical or unworkable, then it is of little value. At OPUS-IP, practicality is at the heart of everything we do for our clients and associates. We believe this approach leads to robust, focused IP which is a valuable commercial tool rather than being some vain, not to mention costly, academic exercise.

IP should always relate to something which is, is going to be, or at least has the prospect of becoming, a commercial reality. This might seem self-evident, but it is surprising how often this is not the case. We are not in the habit of advising clients to proceed with a patent application, or indeed any other form of IP protection, if there are insurmountable practical obstacles to the commercial realisation of the idea that the IP seeks to protect.

Commercialising your idea should be high on your agenda…it certainly is on ours.

For an interesting, if rather antiquated, treatise on “Practicality”, this book, first published 1915, may be of interest.