INTELLECT  /ˈɪntəlɛkt/  noun
1. the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, especially with regard to abstract matters.

Intellectual Property…the clue is in the name. Ideas are the product of Intellect, and from the moment of creation onwards, those ideas automatically form part of your Intellectual Property. Just as you devote your intellect (whether collectively or individually) to the creation of such ideas, we devote ours to understanding, and then protecting those ideas for you.

At OPUS-IP, we are nothing if not Intellectual. We believe that if our clients are to obtain the very best protection for their ideas, then only the finest intellect should be employed in crafting that protection for them. Academically and legally, our qualifications are among the very best in the UK.

We operate across, an extremely broad spectrum of technologies, which includes the various engineering disciplines (mechanical, civil, electrical and electronic), and also computer hardware and software, commercial printing in its various forms (e.g. gravure, flexography, lithography etc.), satellite navigation and medical devices, to name but a few. We are therefore as comfortable talking nuts and bolts as we are bits and bytes. It is worth mentioning here that, in our experience, the most fiendishly clever inventions often fall into the former category. In either case, we have yet to encounter such a thing as “a simple invention”. Inventions may be clever…but they are never simple.

In short, we pride ourselves on our Intellect…we think you’ll appreciate why when you meet us.