The following provides various legal info., including regulatory and other company information, for OPUS IP Limited (“the Company”).

The Company Registered in the UK under No. 04126096.
The UK VAT No. of the Company is: GB 809 5955 87
OPUS IP® and OPUS•IP® are UK Registered Trademarks with registration #: UK 00003189252.

The Professional Staff of the Company are fellows or associate members of the one or both of the following National Institutes:
The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (C.I.P.A.)    The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (C.I.T.M.A.)

The regulatory body for Intellectual Property Profession is “IPReg“, and the Company is so regulated. As a regulated body, the Company complies with current Anti-Money Laundering Procedures.

The addresses of C.I.P.A., C.I.T.M.A. and IPReg. are provided below for reference.

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The content of certain purely informative pages of this Website, in particular:

is reproduced from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Website as permitted under their Terms of Use, and any amendments made to original WIPO Content are merely trivial.

The most recent version of the Terms and Conditions under which the Company does business with its clients is provided here in PDF format. This document also details the Company’s grievance and complaints procedure.