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1. Under Article 9 of the Regulation on discipline for professional representatives (OJ EPO 1978, 91 ff., OJ EPO 2008, 14), the President of the European Patent Office has reappointed the following member of the Institute of Professional Representatives to the Board for a three-year term: Wolfram Hubertus Müller, with effect from 1 April 2023.

2. The board thus comprises six legally qualified members of the European Patent Office, namely Hans-Christian Haugg (chairman), Britta Baldus, Vincent Menendez, Chloé Thrainer, Pierre Treichel and Eskil Waage and four members of the Institute of Professional Representatives, namely Gemma Campabadal Monfa, Wolfram Hubertus Müller, Bruno Quantin and Arni Vilhjalmsson.